Fully automated API 650/653 Analysis and Reporting from 3D Point Cloud Data

An empty tank costs you money.

Downtime during an API Inspection can be costly and painful, so allow us to help. With BlackWolf’s Automated API Analysis Reporting system, we can take LiDar 3D Laser Scanned Images of your asset and in hours provide you with comprehensive API analysis and reports that are engineer ready. No more waiting for days or weeks to start planning your repairs to get your tank back in service.

Lidar 3D Inspection Reporting on Storage Tanks

About BlackWolf

API Inspector Lidar Scanning

The BlackWolf Team

BlackWolf has brought together industry leaders in the fields of mathematics, engineering and API inspection to create software that has revolutionized the tank inspection space. Contact our team today.  

3D model API

API Analysis & Reporting Services

Our 3D point cloud software analysis is designed to not only meet but exceed API Standards and applies all current API codes and tolerances for improved, more precise, results for the inspectors, engineers and asset owners.

API Oil Tank Inspection

Our Vision to Change the Industry

Our mission comes from understanding that 3D laser scanning is the future of the API Inspection industry for tank inspections, asset modeling and as-built drawings. See how we can take you into the future.

Commitment to Quality

As a company we are fully committed to providing our clients with unparalleled accuracy and real time results while working with partners to customize solutions to each company’s particular needs.

Considering 3D Laser Scanning for your Tank Inspections?

Our Services provide value to both Inspection Companies and Assets Owners through:

Improved Inspection safety by reducing manual tasks and exposure

Enhanced compliance to API standards and environmental requirements

Reduced asset downtime by enhancing inspection quality and repair efficiency

Improved consistency of reporting and analysis with standardized outputs

Report turnaround time measured in hours – not days or weeks.

Increased integrity foresight and unmatched quality and detail

Top Reasons to Run with BlackWolf

High Quality Standardized Reports

Our analysis engine produces high quality API report content. You can have the content displayed in your own custom report format or you can choose to use our tried and true report format. Take back control by having accurate and consistent reports with less manual report writing and review.

Reduced Downtime

Laser scanning is the fastest survey method in the world, capturing millions of data points per second with millimetre accuracy. We help you to complete your inspection quicker than existing traditional methods.

Available 24 hour Report Turnaround

Although our typical report turnaround is 3-5 business days, BlackWolf can register the point cloud data and perform analysis in under 24 hours* if needed. If a registered model is provided, we can often process in just hours.

*Rush charges may apply

Turnkey Solutions

Blackwolf’s unique offering provides a turnkey solution from project planning and management, all the way through to analysis, final report turnover and presentation to the client.


Our services minimize the need to do work at heights and limits exposure to hazardous confined space environments to ensure the safe completion of your next inspection project.


Analysis accuracy unattainable with visual and traditional inspection methods

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