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BlackWolf Technologies API Reporting is the future of tank inspection

While 3D laser scanning has been around for years, 3D laser scanned results needed to be manually analyzed, measured and reports tediously created … Until now.

What Can BlackWolf Do For You?

Make Your Jobs Safer
  • BlackWolf’s specialized analysis means that you experience the benefits of safer inspection conditions.
  • Imagine no need for scaffolding or man-lifts to inspect rafter and girders or upper shell courses.  Imagine the ability to evaluate secondary floating roof seals without putting people in dangerous situations with a rescue team on standby.
Reduce the Downtime of Your Tanks
  • We provide unprecedented turn around on your API Reports (up to 24 hour turnaround time), saving you valuable time and money. 
  • Our analysis also offers a next day full 3D view of your asset including possible points of API code failure so you can start planning repairs sooner and more accurately.
Give You Better Decision Making Information
  • With up to millimetre accuracy, the LiDAR scan sees things inspectors can’t see with the naked eye, giving you unparalleled accuracy in your reports. 
  • We provide you with information above and beyond just the basic API codes. With LiDAR scanners creating millions of data points on your asset, we evaluate API code not just at API stations, but down to every inch.
  • API Laser Inspection provides you with a record of your tank that can be referenced for future modification planning, verification of change in conditions after weather events and improved inspection interval and repair planning

With our world leading API software Asset Owners also get:

  • Our Experience and Best Practices: BlackWolf is a team of industry experts. We understand the unique challenges that accompany inspections and we can work with your existing inspection company. Our years of experience allow us to offer best practices on how to conduct laser scans for maximum accuracy and faster turn around.
  • Customizable Solutions are not only limited to above ground tanks. We offer an array of solutions that can be tailored to your needs. Learn more about our solutions. 
  • Cost Savings: BlackWolf reports with a 3D laser scan can save hours and days for a crew of inspectors in the tank and weeks for the repair process.
API Tank Inspection

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