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In an industry that constantly asks, “Is there a better, faster and more cost-efficient way?”, BlackWolf is quickly becoming a leader.

BlackWolf Technologies merges together a diverse selection of industry professionals and industry leading technology that has evolved the way API inspection and engineering services can be offered.  

Our state of the art technology provides advanced inspection services, a unique integrated 3D data collection process, automated analysis, repair evaluation and engineering solutions in four specific areas. 

3D Laser Scan API Analysis

3D Laser Solid Modeling

Fully Automated API Reporting

Asset Management Software

API Inspection 3D reporting

3D Laser Scan API Analysis

We provide comprehensive code compliant structural evaluations to provide the information your team needs to prevent accidental releases, ensure proper floating roof functionality, prepare detailed repair plans and achieve unmatched inspection detail.

Our 3D Laser Scan API Analysis is designed to provide complete coverage of all API 650/653 Structural Test Categories.

Analysis Categories

  • Shell Plate Plumbness and Roundness Analysis
  • Columns, Girders & Rafters
  • Roof – Profile, Settlement, Layout
  • Floating Roof Rim Space Analysis
  • Floating Roof Analysis
  • Shell and Edge Settlement and Analysis
  • Bottom Plate Analysis
  • Tank Calibration Tables
  • Secondary Containment Analysis (Berm Surveys)


Full API 650/653 Inspection Compliance

Report turnaround in as little as 24 hours

Online 3D Point Cloud Model Analysis Results Viewer

Online Custom Report Builder

Analyze rafter and girder deflection safely from ground level

Proprietary floating roof analysis to help ensure proper seal functioning and identify areas of danger that could cause hang ups

Scan Example

Before and After Comparison of the same tank using API allowances.

3D Laser Solid Modeling

Our team has extensive experience in 3D modelling including solid models, P&IDs and floating roof simulations. A major challenge facing asset owners is the varying levels of record keeping from site to site. We streamline the process of updating your facility so you can be confident every tank, vessel and line of piping is captured.  This allows facility integrity to implement a robust inspection program to maintain regulatory compliance.

We have the ability to model a range of assets from complex refinery facilities to smaller pump station and tank terminals.

Traditional Inspection

Limitations on access

Costly Creation of 3D models

Time consuming process to manually gather field data

BlackWolf’s Inspection

No limitations on what we can create models for

Automatically generate P&ID’s and GA Drawings

Accurately design replacement equipment and plan repairs

Fully Automated API Reporting

Our suite of software for Industrial Assets automatically generates high definition, interactive reports that include full structural analysis. 

We’ve created our software to fully compliment the inspection, data collection and reporting processes you already have in place. 

The system has a mobile app that allows field personnel to capture and upload field information on site with a phone or tablet. The captured data is automatically synced to the BlackWolf portal and can be included in your own personalized report templates.  The secure online shared report enables cooperative work on the report for real-time completion.

Our inspection reporting software allows you to customize the reporting templates. Your specific templates can be integrated into our system and allow for real time collaborative report completion.

Our software and processes significantly reduce the time and cost required to complete mandatory inspection of storage tanks, piping and related holding vessels.  Although initially developed for above ground storage tanks in the oil and gas industry, the software has expanded to include analysis and reporting on multiple types of equipment, secondary containment analysis and Industrial asset inspections. Our advanced system allows you to analyze for regulatory compliance, tracking, asset integrity and data trending.

Asset Management and Inspection Software

Our Asset Management and Inspection Software allows you to have your inspection results at your fingertips and enables you to effectively plan and execute your equipment outages with a greater level of efficiency.

We can tailor our system to your needs. Contact us to book a demo and see how we can take your next inspection to another level.


BlackWolf can provide your report information in under 24 hours.


BlackWolf’s reports go above and beyond standard API requirements


Scans using laser technology eliminate traditional safety risks associated with API inspections.

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