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Tank Farm API Inspection Reporting

Are you still doing inspections the old fashion way with scaffolding, manual API station measurements and by searching through the API Code?

It’s time to get to know the future of API Tank Inspection with BlackWolf Technology’s API 650/653 Reporting.

BlackWolf integrates easily into inspections around the world enabling your team to utilize our analysis and reporting system. Inspection companies can use and resell our reports to improve their service offering and save them time.

How our solution can work for your inspection company

The Blackwolf Inspection process starts with:

Step 1

3D LiDAR Scanning

We start by completing a 3D LiDAR scan to ensure comprehensive coverage of your asset (both In and Out of Service tanks and secondary containments).

Step 2

3D Model

Once the LiDAR scan is complete, scans can either be registered into one 3D model (a manual process using any number of industry standard registration software) or we can register your scans into one complete model ready to be analyzed as part of the BlackWolf service.

Step 3

Structural Standard Requirements

BlackWolf then runs the registered model through our proprietary analysis engine to compare and evaluate your tank against all structural standard requirements for either API Standard 653 or 650 Code.

Step 4

Outputs from BlackWolf

Outputs from BlackWolf include: Full data tables, visual images showing compliance on all API Code elements, and a full 3D view of the API model for immediate access. Report results can be viewed via the BlackWolf web based portal from anywhere including from a smart phone, tablet, or computer with no special software required.

Step 5

Quality Assurance

BlackWolf certified API inspectors can review the analysis outputs to ensure quality and accuracy as requested.

Step 6


You can then download, view, and interact with your asset in a multitude of ways, giving you the ability to prepare your final report for your engineers and asset managers.

Tank Before and After Point Cloud Analysis

Before and after comparisons of a Point Cloud. The BlackWolf analysis provides detailed information about areas out of compliance.

Provide Your Clients with Easy to use Online 3D Viewer

BlackWolf offers a fully functional Online 3D viewer that requires no software install and gives your clients the ability to view the 3D model anywhere. It works from a regular browser and can be used from a computer, tablet or even your phone.  See the API analysis results right in the 3D Viewer.

Our Report Analysis Includes:

Shell Plate Verticality\Plumbness and Roundness Analysis

Columns, Girders & Rafters deflection

Roof – Profile, Settlement, Layout

Floating Roof Rim Space Analysis

Floating Roof Analysis

Shell and Edge Settlement Analysis

Bottom Plate Analysis

Tank Calibration Tables

Secondary Containment Analysis (Berm Surveys)

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